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- that you lived?? That just blows my mind to think that you would walk into a local coffee shop and find yaonne sitting there in the morning with their bible open, let alone several people, sitting around doing their official ​ quiet time . Different realities, I guess. ( I do know where you live, Paul, and I am familiar with that reality. I'm just saying that it is far away from the disciple-making context in which I find myself, even though I might find exactly the same brand name coffee shops in my area. I guess national marketing campaigns have had better success at installing their brands at the grassroots level than the Church has been successful at anchoring the life-transforming gospel in the fabric of our local communities.) I do understand that your point here about the coffee shop was in order to highlight another principle. That principle is about moving along to situate yourself in a place where you are more likely to meet up with unbelievers and to prioritize places where there is little evident witness to the gospel over those places where there are already enough Christians present to do the job if they were motivated to do so.I was privileged to  grow up  spiritually in  a movement where what you are talking about here with this principle was held up as a norm for movement building. In addition to being  espoused from the front , the principle was sometimes modeled, sometimes only partially modeled and sometimes very imperfectly modeled . At different times in my life as a disciple and a disciple-maker,​ I have tried to put this principle into practice. I found that it worked better at certain phases of my experience than at others and that some situations naturally carried more evident opportunities than other situations, although I would not say that I never entirely abandoned the principle I learned in my early days. Right now as I am going back to school (at a secular institution),​ I anticipate a period of more accessible opportunities being in evidence. Just because there are more opportunities and perhaps opportunities of a higher quality available in the current situation, it doesn'​t mean that I will automatically be blessed in ministry. I still find that I have to do the hard work of intentionally thinking through my habits and choices in order to re-align priorities and be creative about folding the rhythm of my life's activities into gospel-focused activities that will enhance evangelism and disciple-building.I think that a blog post about this principle is needed and important because so few Christians have had the environment that I was privileged to see as  normal ​ when I was younger. Explicitly stating the principle becomes necessary because it is so seldom intentionally taught or modeled.+Кендра = [[кендра-бхава|Кендра-Бхава]]
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